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Accessories from SCL Exhausts Ltd

SCL Exhausts stock a wide selection of the key Exhaust accessories. These products are always being up-dated so please contact us for latest lists.

Steel Tube: 1.5" to 8"
(Stainless & Mild steel)

Band Clamps: 1.5" to 7"
U-Clamps: 2" to 5"

Weld Bends: 1.5" to 6"
(Stainless & Mild steel)

Braided Flexi Joints: 1.5" to 6" Bore

Flexible Tube: 2" to 6" Bore
(Stainless & Mild Steel)

Stainless Steel Bellows: 2" to 6" Bore

Wrap Insulation

Foil Tape

Manifold Paste

Catalytic Converters, Spark Arresters & Diesel particle fitters also available upon request.

Contact SCL Exhausts Ltd with any questions on any of our products or design service


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